It’s tried-and-true Amazon expertise, up-to-date strategies, and a comprehensive management plan.

Most of all, it’s the passion of a team committed to your success.

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The Pro PPC Difference

Human intelligence at work

Artificial Intelligence has its place, but as a serious Amazon seller, you need real humans at work — tracking, adjusting, and optimizing your campaign. Our dedicated team listens to your concerns, understands your goals, and implements your strategies, with the single-mindedness of loyal business partners.

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Getting to know your brand, product and market

Every business is unique and we don’t believe in a one-size-fit-all approach. We’ll research your product in order to create a campaign strategy customized to your brand.

Campaign setup and management that puts you on track for success

Your personal account manager will set up your campaign based on your goals and product niche. We’ll monitor, track, optimize, and adjust your account daily for consistently high conversions and ROI.

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Strategies that meet your goals head-on

Keeping the big picture in mind means we work with your target market and personal goals to maximize results from ad spend, increase sales, and deliver the best performance for your product.

We’re constantly tracking growth and improving TACoS through bid adjustments and conversion rate optimization, keeping you at the top of your category.

Keyword development that consistently outranks

Predicting the search words your target shoppers will use requires insight and intelligence. Our team of human experts develop SEO strategies tailor-made for your products.

So you always come out on top.

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Keeping up-to-date with Amazon campaign changes

Amazon is constantly rolling out new updates. What worked last month (or even last week!) may no longer work as Amazon makes changes yet again.

We stay up to date with all campaign types —sponsored product ads, sponsored brand ads, product display ads, video ads, and more — so we can keep delivering success.

Pro PPC helped us scale our brand tremendously. David and his devoted team are extremely knowledgeable and creative with all different types of ads. I feel confident to recommend them.

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Amazon will bring you the world. We will bring you the buyers

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